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Court Reporting Services
All of our scopists & transcribers are certified either by the state in which they work or by the National scopists & transcribers Association or both.

Many of our scopists & transcribers are realtime certified and are specialists in high tech litigation support and services.
How We Can Help You

Simply call us or schedule your deposition(s) online, anywhere in the United States.  Scopist.US has a vast network of professional scopists & transcribers ready to serve you.

If your deposition needs are on a multi-state basis, we will line up all conference rooms, scopists & transcribers and videographers for those depositions, relieving you of the stress of such duties.

Many of our scopists & transcribers carry current passports and are ready to serve outside the United States if necessary. Some of our scopists & transcribers are bilingual and can assist the attorney as they travel outside of the US.

Scopist.US court reporting services is a nationwide provider of court reporting services and litigation support.

Our staff is ready and available to assist you on a 24-hour basis 7 days a week. If your travels take you outside of the United States, regardless of the timezone or country we are here to support you in an all night telephonic deposition or even to travel with you and appear at all of the depositions.
Our scopists & transcribers are ready to serve you
Our scopists & transcribers are the best trained and highest skilled professionals in the industry.  We can provide realtime hookups for multiple attorneys, utilizing any of the current realtime technologies such as Livenote, Summation and CaseView browsers.
Trained scopists & transcribers make the difference

Easy Nationwide Scheduling!

You can simply fax or email us your current discovery calendar and we will line up the scopists & transcribers, legal videographers or interpreters for each and every deposition, no matter where it is.

We would be happy to arrange deposition conference rooms in whatever city you desire.  Give us a call or schedule your depositions online and we will call you.

scopists & transcribers natiowide and worldwide!

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